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Michael Plutchok, Photographer and writer in Israel


I'm Michael Plutchok, born in New York in 1987, I'm now an American-Israeli journalist and photographer covering the Middle East.
I pursued a career in photojournalism to combine my passion for photography with my deep interest in Middle Eastern current events.
I graduated cum laude from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya with a bachelor's degree in Communications. 

During my studies, I sought to obtain experience in news production and some of my photographs and articles were published in The Jerusalem Post, Ynet, Al-Masdar, The Times of Israel, NoCamels, The Jewish Advocate, and more.  Following graduation I became a cameraman and video editor for RT based in Tel Aviv. 

After gaining experience in the field as a freelance photographer, cameraman, video editor and writer, I stepped in front of the camera and started producing stories from Israel and the West Bank for the Singaporean Channel News Asia.
Now I work for i24News, a trilingual news channel based in Jaffa, reporting Middle Eastern news in English, French and Arabic. 
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